About REDs

The founder of Rapid Elite Driving School, Craig is enthusiastic and passionate about delivering high quality training. His flexible and professional approach to teaching has always been well received by his learners. Initially delivering First Aid and defibrillator courses, then progressing onto health and safety and teacher training courses. Craig has a wide range of subject knowledge including a Certificate in Education from University of Central Lancashire. During an inspection from the Health & Safety Executive First Aid monitoring section an inspector quoted,

“This was an excellent observation, if this was a car showroom, I would put this into the Rolls-Royce, BMW and Bentley section.”

“Craig is a natural in this field, he encouraged all his students, his input was accurate and his responses to questions stayed within the objectives of the lesson.”

Since then Craig furthered his development in the ambulance sector, delivering mandatory training to on the road crew members. He is also level 3 Emergency Ambulance response driver trained.

With his skilled experienced teaching background, Craig has channeled his drive and passion into creating this dynamic, pupil and customer focused driver training school. Which embraces peoples background and diversity, tailors all its training towards individuals needs and delivers high quality training.

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